Luxury kitchen worktops

Welcome to Melrosa Marble and Granite, a leading supplier of marble, granite, and quartz work surfaces for kitchens.

Our countertop materials are of the highest quality, made from natural materials, and designed for elegance. Choosing one of our kitchen countertop surfaces will elevate your kitchen and add value to your home.

Marble Kitchen Tops

Premium quartz, marble & granite worktops

Quartz worktops

Quartz worktops

Our quartz worktops can be the ideal sleek finish that your home needs. Sophisticated and luxurious, a quartz countertop is not only glamorous but also extremely durable and low-maintenance.

As quartz surfaces are non-porous, this makes cleaning so much easier. Quartz is also very resistant to scratching.

Granite worktops

Granite worktops

Tough, durable and scratch-resistant, granite is a great option for those wanting to make a long-term investment in their kitchen surfaces.

Not only is the textured look a desirable feature, granite lasts a lot longer than most types of laminate counters and solid wood worktops, making them more cost-effective for homeowners in the long run.

Marble Worktops

Marble Worktops

Naturally resistant to heat (which is ideal if you spend a lot of time preparing hot dishes) marble is a stunning choice for a kitchen countertop.

Elegant, with unique colours and patterns, marble will remain in good condition for a long period of time due to its durability.

Why buy your kitchen worktop from Melrosa?

With experience spanning over 5 decades and three generations, Melrosa Marble & Granite has grown not only in size but in skill.

Based in the heart of Wigan, Greater Manchester, we have gained a reputation for our impressive craftsmanship. At Melrosa, we invest in the latest technology to produce the most high quality, glamorous worktops for our customers, to transform their kitchen space into a culinary paradise.

We offer an extensive range of materials, styles and colours to provide a bespoke, premium service.

Range of colour options available

We provide a range of different colour options to cater for different needs. Whether you are looking for something low-key and sophisticated or glamorous and bold, we have something for you.

Different styles and materials

We provide our worktops in a range of sizes to suit a variety of requirements and kitchen spaces.

Custom options

We also have a range of custom worktop options available to suit specific requirements. Our installation experts are on hand to bring your vision to fruition.

Speak with a specialist

    What is the difference between marble, granite and quartz?

    Granite and marble are both rocks, unlike quartz which is actually a mineral. When looking to have a countertop replaced or freshly installed, it is a good idea to look into the type of countertop material that would best suit your custom needs.

    To help you out, we’ve put together a number of handy comparison guides that clearly outline the specific differences between our luxury countertops.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    The type of kitchen worktop you choose is largely dependent on personal preference. Granite, quartz and marble surfaces all have great qualities.

    One of the most popular types of worktop is granite, as it is so low-maintenance and scratch resistant. It is also extremely durable and can last for a long period of time before it needs to be replaced.

    For advice on which countertop type to choose, get in touch.


    You should not paint kitchen worktops as most are made from laminate which can prevent varnishes or paints from bonding to the worktop, meaning that the paint job will likely be a very thin layer and will be easily susceptible to chipping.

    If you want to change the colour of your kitchen worktops or have a new worktop installed, you should seek the service of a professional who can achieve the aesthetic you desire.


    Your kitchen worktop should complement your flooring as a clash can tarnish the overall aesthetic. This is why it is recommended that you choose a similar finish (matte or glossy) and colours that will go well together.

    It can be a challenge to decide on the right overall scheme for you and this is why our professional team are here to help. For advice on choosing a colour scheme for your kitchen worktops, contact us today.


    Replacing a kitchen work-top can be a better option for people who do not want to invest in having a whole new kitchen designed. At Melrosa, we offer a professional worktop replacement service to replace your worktop with a new, modern design.


    Replacing a kitchen worktop can range significantly in price. The main factor in determining the price is the type of material you use. If it’s for utility, many people choose laminate worktops.

    These will cost between £200 and £800 and won’t add much value to your home. If you choose a material such as granite or quartz, the price of installation can rise considerably. That is because the materials are harder to handle.

    To find out prices for our worktop replacement service, get in touch for a quote.


    The thickness of your kitchen worktop is determined by several factors, including the type of material used.

    Cheaper materials such as laminate come in prefabricated units. If you choose granite or marble, you will have more bespoke options. Typically, the thickness of the worktop is determined by cost, durability, and supporting units. Thicker worktops are now quite popular.