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Quartzforms Worktops

Quartzforms worktops are a leading stone surface brand with the respect of interior designers and architects worldwide. They manufacture interior surfaces using a composite material that combines natural stone with acrylic resin; the result is an elegant and contemporary surface that looks perfect in any room.

The Quartzforms surfaces we supply are functional, stylish, and resilient. Improving the surface performance is a significant part of the company’s cutting edge technological development, which is why they offer such fantastic guarantees on all their products.

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Quartz Surface

The Brand

Who Are Quartzforms?

Quartzforms are a German-based manufacturer of quartz composite surface for walls, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Established in 2010, their quartz composite is made using natural quartz combined and acrylic resin.

Quartz composite provides excellent durability and is highly resistant to chipping. Quartzforms uses this material to create surfaces that combine contemporary style with increased performance.

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The Brand

Why Choose Quartzforms Worktops?

The evolution of stone into a perfect surface. Quartzforms stone goes one step further than natural stone. quartzforms worktops are the result of the most cutting-edge technological development of the exclusive Bretonstone® process. Its unrivaled versatility, resistance, aesthetic performance, hygienic quality and easy maintenance have won the trust of architects and designers worldwide.

Designed as the perfect completion of man’s space, Quartzforms has successfully completed its ambitious project: the creation of a perfect surface. Quartzforms is available in an infinite variety of colours, tones, grains and different finishes. Quartzforms does not absorb liquids, has a high resistance to knocks, stains and scratches.

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Benefits Of Quartzforms Worktops


The Quartzforms worktops we supply are made from hard, non-porous stone; this has several advantages, especially if you are using the material as a kitchen work surface or flooring.

Non-porous stone surfaces don’t absorb liquids, making them resilient and long-lasting; they are also stain-proof and easy to maintain.

Bump & abrasion resistant

Unlike other surfaces, like stainless steel and hardwood, Quartzforms worktops are resistant to bumps and abrasions.

Some common worktop materials can dent, bend, and stain – they are prone to deterioration over time.

Quartzforms, on the other hand, is hard, resilient, functional, and elegant – it lasts far longer than other materials.

Easy to clean

Work surfaces, walls, and floors need to be easy to clean and maintain; high-use areas encounter all kinds of contaminants, so why not make your life easier with a Quartzforms surface that doesn’t absorb dirt and grime and can wipe down easily. This surface takes the effort out of household maintenance.

Resistant to household acids

Some household surfaces will deteriorate when cleaned with common household acids. Surfaces at risk of damage include hardwood, plastic, and some types of stone.

If you don’t want to worry about what cleaning products to use on your surfaces, choose Quartzforms quartz.

Hygienic quality

Quartzforms stone surfaces have better hygienic quality than conventional surfaces. The reason is that Quartzforms surfaces are extremely non-porous and easy to clean, preventing bacteria from multiplying and spreading. Any bacteria that develop can be easily wiped away in seconds.

Comes in a range of colours

There is no limit to the style of any quartz worktop you choose from Quartzforms.

Quartzforms are committed to provided contemporary surfaces that increase the quality and beauty of your home, so you can select from a wide array of colours and textures to bring your new home to life.

Heat resistant

If you’ve ever had a non-heat resistant surface before, you will know the problems they cause. Put a hot pan on the surface for a few seconds, and it leaves a mark that never goes away; instead, you have to invest in mats and hot plates.

Quartzforms stone is entirely heat-resistant, so you have no worries.

Long warranty

When you invest in a Quartzforms surface, you get a 25-year warranty – a massive vote of confidence in the material. With this warranty, Quartzforms guarantees that you are buying a high-quality product that they have full confidence in.

Trusted Quartzforms Supplier
Quartz Worktops in Kitchen

The Style

Make Your Kitchen Stand Out With Quartzforms Quartz

Quartzforms is dedicated to surfaces that are clean, elegant, and contemporary. The surfaces are inspired by nature and use technological innovations to improve performance and longevity.

A Quartzforms surface will immediately transform your home to create the living space you’ve always wanted; these surfaces don’t go unnoticed by anyone.

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The product

What Is Quartzforms Made Out Of?

Quartzforms quartz is a composite material; it’s a combination of raw stone and acrylic resin. The raw stone is made of siliceous sands and quartz, accounting for around 94% of the material.

The other 6% is made from structural polyester resins; these materials combine to transform QF stone to a surface that is non-porous, resistant to chips, heat-resistant, and easy to clean – what’s more, it is the second hardest material in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Quartzforms worktops made?

Quartzforms is a German company, and its products are manufactured in Germany. Quartzforms products are made using German precision engineering and cutting edge technological development.

But Quartzforms is a global company with bases everywhere, including the UK, so access to surfaces is straightforward.

How much maintenance do Quartzforms surfaces need?

These surfaces need very little maintenance. The hard non-porous stone is resistant to scratches and dents; it is also resistant to grease removal detergents.

Although you pay a little more for a quality Quartzforms surface, it lasts twice as long as other surfaces and requires zero maintenance.

How many colours are available?

The Quartzforms colour palette is broad. There are five collections to choose from, including Forest, Planet, Absolute, Veined, Cloudy, Imperial, and Extreme.

In addition, you can choose from six colours within these collections, including white, beige, light and dark grey, black and red.

Can Quartzforms replace my natural stone surfaces?

Yes. Quatzform quartz is an effective replacement for stone surfaces that might absorb liquids or lack heat resistance.

Quartzforms surfaces look exactly the same as natural stone, but the composite structure makes it far more resilient and longer-lasting.

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