Stone staircases

Our beautiful bespoke stone staircases are designed and built by experienced stonemason’s using the latest cutting-edge technology. An elegant addition to any home, our unique staircases are available in marble, granite and quartz.


What types of stone staircases do you design?

We have experience of creating a wide-range of different stone staircases to a variety of specifications – whatever your needs, ideas or requirements, we’re happy to listen, guide and create. Some of the different types we’ve created include:

  • Stone spiral staircases
  • Cantilever stone staircases
  • Ark stone staircases
  • Floating stone staircases

How much do stone staircases cost?

We find every design and vision is unique to the individual, so we prefer for customers to talk through their ideas and budgets first before we advise on pricing.

We have a completely transparent pricing and quotation system, so you know how we’ve costed a project.

Why choose a stone staircase from Melrosa?

There’s a unique magnificence to stone staircases that can’t be recreated by wood. Using a material such as granite, quartz or marble allows for eye-catching, inimitable designs that promise to enrich your property. A bespoke stone staircase will truly become the centrepiece to any home.

At Melrosa, we only use the finest-quality materials and our experienced team handle all aspects of installation to ensure we work efficiently and effectively. We also want our clients to be 100% happy with their new stone staircase, so for that extra peace of mind we provide an outstanding aftercare service after the work is complete.

Our state-of-the-art CNC machinery gives millimetre precision throughout. With an extensive range of materials, colours and textures available, we can work together to create something you’ll be proud of.

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