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FugenStone Worktops

Fugen worktops are not only scratch and burn resistant but also add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen, bathroom or living space.

Using materials such as quartz, marble, and granite, and available in a range of colours, from Arabesque to white shimmer, our Fugen Stone range consists of durable products with premium finishes that are guaranteed to transform your kitchen space for the better.

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The Brand

Who is FugenStone?

Having been in the game for over a decade now, Fugen is one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers of quality kitchen and bathroom worktops, sinks, flooring, and accessories. Constantly innovating, this granite and quartz supplier uses modern tech and materials to create luxury worktops that add a classic elegance to your kitchen or bathroom.

Fugen can seamlessly update its approach to kitchen designing without sacrificing or diminishing its high-quality standard because of how open the company is to experiment with different resources. Known primarily as a quartz and granite company, Fugen has also championed natural stone materials such as marble and porcelain.

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The Benefits Of FugenStone Quartz Worktops

On top of looking elegant, Fugen’s quartz worktops boast an array of benefits that ensure durability, including:


Unlike natural stone materials such as marble, quartz is stain-resistant. These durable products can be cleaned easily, using water and a good quality surface cleaner to remove it.


Quartz is known for its impact resistance, being on par with granite in terms of strength and ability to resist weight. It can be argued that quartz worktops are more durable than the likes of granite due to the flexibility of the material, which makes them extra resilient.


Fugen Stone quartz worktops are scratch-resistant, meaning that the material holds up well under the daily wear and tear you give a kitchen worktop. Although Fugen stress that their worktops are scratch-resistant, they cannot be considered scratch-proof. This means that using the surface as a chopping board or deliberately bringing the surface into contact with a sharp object may result in permanent scratches.


Fugen quartz is one of the easiest worktop surfaces to maintain. Unlike granite and marble, Fugen quartz does not require waxing, sealing, sanding, or any other form of regular maintenance.

fugen stone
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Pure Luxury

Elegant FugenStone Worktops

As elegant as they are durable, each quartz or granite worktop manufactured by Fugen will give your kitchen the appearance of opulence and luxury while being cutting-edge in terms of design.

The development of quartz as an alternative to natural stone has accelerated in recent years. Being primarily a quartz company, Fugen has been one of the main manufacturers to champion this material, keeping on top of the latest designs and colours. You can trust that Fugen-supplied worktops will give your kitchen a contemporary elegance.

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Your Style

Designs To Suit Your Lifestyle

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You need your kitchen worktops to be extremely hard-wearing, so they can endure daily usage without regularly needing replaced or repaired. For a reasonable price, Fugen worksurfaces can provide you with a better quality cooking area and will resist any burns or scratches caused by cooking.

The beautifully FugenStone quartz worktops will likely last longer than standard natural stone surfaces. Each of the company’s quartz products comprises 93% Quartzia and features 3% colour and 4% other elements, ensuring quality and durability to suit your lifestyle.

Premium Luxury - High End - Quality

Fugenstone Worktop Colours

Amber Fugenstone


Arabescato Fugenstone


Arabesque Fugenstone


Aurum Fugenstone


Avalanche Fugenstone


Black Mirror Fugenstone

Black Mirror

Calacatta Oro Fugenstone

Calacatta Oro

Carrara Satinato Fugenstone

Carrara Satinato

Carrara Fugenstone


Cream Mirror Fugenstone

Cream Mirror

Eternal Fugenstone


Euphrates Fugenstone


Florance Fugenstone


Grey Mirror Fugenstone

Grey Mirror

Light Grey Fugenstone

Light Grey

Pietra Gray Fugenstone

Pietra Grey

Superior Calacatta Fugenstone

Superior Calacatta

Super White Fugenstone

Super White

White Galaxy Fugenstone

White Galaxy

fugen stone
Marble Kirchen


A Range Of Colours To Soothe and Entice Your Senses

Fugen has a huge range of beautifully crafted quartz colours and designs, with over 30 quartz worktop themes currently on offer. Stand-out shades include Cream Mirror, Calacatta Royal, Eternal, and Euphrates. With so many colours available, you are sure to find one that best reflects your current kitchen layout and aesthetic. Alternatively, you can pick out a new shade to inspire the rest of your kitchen makeover.

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FugenStone FAQs

Where is FugenStone produced?

FugenStone’s durable products are produced in Sheffield. Fugen is one of the most prominent quartz suppliers in the UK and focuses on making unique, affordable, and high-quality worktop surfaces.

How are FugenStone quartz worktops made?

Fugen Stone quartz worktops are man-made and can be designed bespoke to suit the layout of your kitchen. They are made using resins, polymers, and pigments.

Are Fugen quartz countertops better than Fugen granite countertops?

Fugen-produced granite and Fugen quartz are both incredibly durable products. However, granite may be considered the stronger material of the two in terms of heat resistance.

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