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Marble Worktops

Premium marble kitchen worktops

Our luxury marble worktops are ideal for a variety of kitchen styles and needs.

Made from natural sources, we use advanced stonemasonry technology and techniques to ensure your kitchen surfaces exude a touch of class at all times.

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Our Marble

Why is marble unique?

Created under immense heat and pressure, marble has a uniquely translucent, dimensional aesthetic. This almost chaotic beauty is what has made marble the premium choice for living spaces throughout the ages.

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How are our marble worktops made?

The process of creating marble worktops involves cutting large chunks of marble stone and converting them into slabs. As a softer material compared to granite, marble allows for creative edges and flourishes on your countertop.


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Marble Surface
Marble Worktop

Marble Worktops

Why choose a marble worktop?

The visual benefits of our marble worktops speak for themselves, but it’s the practicality of this premium kitchen material that stands it apart from the rest. As a naturally heat resistant rock, it can withstand hot pans and other kitchen demands for years without ever diminishing in quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do marble worktops cost?

Your marble worktop installation is unique to you, meaning the cost will vary between projects. Contact us for a free no-obligation quote on your marble kitchen countertop.

How do you clean marble worktops?

To maximise your marble worktop’s lifespan, we recommend using a natural cleaner or hot water with a soft cloth or sponge.

Do marble worktops stain?

As durable as it is, red wine and oil can stain marble if left untreated. Simply cleaning any spillages as soon as possible will minimise the possibility of stains forming on your marble worktop.

How do I protect my marble worktop?

Although maintenance is minimal, marble worktops do still require a level of care in order to preserve the stone. To keep them looking stylish and new, however, we recommend having your marble worktop professionally sealed every 6 months to keep it in great condition.

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