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Silestone Worktops

If you’re considering revamping your kitchen and bathroom spaces, check out our range of beautiful Silestone worktops. With quartz worktops designed for longevity, you can bring not only beauty and style to your home, but functionality as well.

Silestone worktops are quickly becoming one of the most popular brands for kitchen worktops. Silestone quartz worktops are incredibly easy to fit, and thanks to the huge range of available colour options, they will match any decor or room style.

Silestone kitchen worktops are now used all over the world. The combination of advanced technology and exceptional materials means their kitchen and bathroom surfaces really stand out from the crowd. But what is Silestone, and are their natural quartz countertops right for you?

We’ve got all the information and advice you need before buying a Silestone worktop right here! To find out more about their brand and the benefits of their products, be sure to keep reading.

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Silestone Material
Quartz Worktops in Kitchen

The Product

What is Silestone?

Silestone is a material manufactured mainly from natural quartz crystals. It’s the perfect material to use in worktops, but it’s very versatile and can be used for floors, shower trays, and even sinks.

Silestone is manufactured by the Cosentino Group, an Italian company originally launched in 1940 by Eduarda and Eduardo Cosentino. The company quickly began to grow, and it was passed to brothers Francisco Martínez-Cosentino Justo and Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino.

In 1990, Cosentino began an ambitious project where a revolutionary factory was constructed, and the first Silestone products were created. After only 5 years, Silestone became a roaring success in the worktops sector and has become the brand’s leading product.

It’s now recognised worldwide as a leading quartz brand, and in 2015 it celebrated its 25th anniversary.

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Quartz vs Granite

The Brand

Why Choose Silestone Quartz?

Silestone quartz worktops are an ideal compliment to any new kitchen. What is silestone made from? Silestone is a compound made up of 94% natural quartz, which makes it extremely hard and robust. It is an excellent surface for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, floors and wall cladding using the minimum number of joints. Silestone is made from natural quartz materials and has been specially created for kitchens and bathrooms surfaces. Silestone offers beauty with a wide range of colours, extraordinary textures and outstanding properties.

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Silestone Quartz Colours

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

Silestone worktop

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Benefits Of Silestone Quartz Worktops

Spill & stain proof

One of Silestone’s most attractive characteristics is the fact that it’s nonporous. This means it’s spill and stain-resistant, which makes it so ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Additionally, because quartz is the toughest mineral available, Silestone worktops have high resistance to acid as well, so you don’t need to worry about coffee, wine, or even vinegar spills.


Silestone kitchen and bathroom worktops are also scratch-resistant, thanks to their tough construction so that you can enjoy newer looking countertops for longer.


The non-porous nature of a Silestone countertop is one of the many benefits that makes them so popular. Essentially, a porous surface has pores. These are microscopic holes that allow air and liquids in.

Therefore, non-porous means the opposite. Rather than having pores, Silestone kitchen and bathroom worktops have smooth and sealed surfaces so no air or liquids can penetrate them.

This means any water spills will simply bead up and roll off the Silestone countertop, making it perfect for kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Extremely hygienic

We all know that hygiene is important when preparing or serving food, so you’ll be pleased to know that each Silestone countertops are incredibly hygienic. The hard surface is resistant to viruses and bacteria, so you can prep and cook your food worry-free.

Available in a range of colours

Another amazing benefit of Silestone quartz kitchen worktops is that they come in a huge variety of colours, ranging from classic whites and creams to chic black, red and brown.

You can even pick a different finished texture, too, choose from suede, volcano, or polished. The colour possibilities are endless, so you’re sure to find the perfect Silestone worktop for your home.

Low maintenance

Silestone is also very low maintenance, and it’s easy to maintain. It mimics the stunning aesthetic of natural stone such as marble and granite, but it doesn’t come with the same high maintenance nature.

Because of its non-porous surface, Silestone kitchen and bathroom worktops don’t need sealing or any special care. Simply use a soft, clean cloth and gentle detergent to wipe it over after each use.

There’s no need to scrub the surface hard, and you’ll need to ensure that you don’t use any harsh detergents as these could fade the design.


Thanks to its tough construction, your Silestone bathroom or kitchen worktop will be impact-resistant, so you’ll be able to use any object in the kitchen without worrying about damaging your new worktop.

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Silestone Material
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The Style

Give Your Kitchen A Modern Update With Silestone

If you want to transform your kitchen into a high-end and contemporary space without time-consuming maintenance, Silestone countertops will help you do just that.

The kitchen is the hub of the home, and Silestone worktops are the perfect option above other traditional materials such as natural stone or granite.

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Silestone Material
Stone Bathroom Sink

Perfect For Floors And Bathrooms

The versatility of Silestone is just one of the things that makes it so popular. Not only is it great for kitchens, but it can be used in bathrooms and even as flooring. Unlike solid wood flooring that can be very high maintenance, Silestone provides a modern look that’s easy to care for.

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  • silestone slab

    Silestone Jumbo Slab Size & Standard Size

    Silestone slabs come in 2 different sizes These are standard & jumbo-sized format.

    Jumbo Silestone maximum slength lab size  = 3250 x 1600. (when trimmed 3200 x 1550)

    Standard maximum slabs size= 3050 x 1400. (When trimmed 3000 x 1350)

    Please note from the above sizes that all slabs will need to be trimmed before manufacture, giving a maximum quartz slab size in one piece at 50mm less in length & height than the original size of the slab.



  • Silestone worktop

    Silestone Slab Thickness

    Silestone slabs are available in 3 different thicknesses. 12mm, 20mm, and 30mm.  While 30mm is the most popular for kitchen worktops there is a growing trend of 20mm worktops for the sleek, modern, German-style kitchen. 20mm is also usually used on walls for upstands and hob splashbacks.

    While 12mm can be used for kitchen worktops we do not recommend it. Reinforcement of kitchen units or solid top units is needed to give support to the thinner worktops. 12mm thickness slabs can come in very useful for cladding a large wall or units where a large vertical application is needed. It’s also the most cost-effective of the 3 thicknesses.

    Typical quartz slab weight

    Thickness Slab Weight Slab Weight/m2
    30 mm 290-306 kg 66-70 kg/m2
    20 mm 189-210 kg 43-48 kg/m2
    13 mm 127-143 kg 29-33 kg/m2

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Silestone worktops?

Silestone is the leading quartz brand of Cosentino, an Italian brand headquartered in Almeria, Spain. However, their products are sold all over the world.

How long do Silestone worktops last?

Manufactured from one of the hardest minerals available today, Silestone quartz countertops really are one of the best options for kitchens. Silestone offers a transferable warranty of 25 years.

Is Silestone as good as natural stone for bathroom floors?

Silestone is arguably better than natural stone. It boasts extreme durability as well as being stain-resistant and much more hygienic.

Which colours does Silestone offer for kitchen worktops?

With over 90 colours and 3 surface finishes to choose from, you’re certain to find the perfect design for your home. Silestone tends to offer solid colour schemes, including browns, greys, blacks, and timeless white hues.

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