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Cambria Worktops

If you want to find out about Cambria and their luxury natural quartz worktops, look no further! This guide has all the information you need about the family-owned supplier, followed by some handy FAQs to answer any of your remaining questions.

To find out even more about Cambria’s range of durable worktops, you can get in touch with us here.

Cambria Worktops

Who Are Cambria?

Cambria is a US-based producer and supplier of engineered natural quartz. It is a family-owned company held by the Davis family and headquartered in Minnesota, though it has facilities across the US and Canada.

Cambria’s quartz surfaces are some of the most popular engineered surfaces on the global market. They are available internationally, sourced by select retailers. In the UK, you can buy Cambria quartz from Melrosa Marble & Granite.

What Makes Cambria Quartz Worktops Great?

Cambria's designs have many compelling selling points, from their durability to their non-porous property. If you select Cambria for your home, here are just some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy from the natural-look Quartz.
Strong and durable

Because Cambria’s engineered quartz is harder than granite, your kitchen worktops will last for years and years. Compared to other quarried stones, Cambria quartz offers superior performance.

It is far less prone to scratching, chipping or staining, allowing you to enjoy the surface without worrying about damaging it.


While other materials require regular care, Cambria surfaces are very low-maintenance. The scratch-resistant, high-gloss surface maintains its brand-new finish without any polishing needed


Another advantage that Cambria has over other types of stone is its non-absorbance. It does not absorb any moisture from raw food or leftovers, and this prevents the harbouring of harmful bacteria on your work surfaces.

Easy to clean

While other stone countertops can be difficult to clean, Cambria stays fresh with only warm water and a little soap.

Heat resistant

Just like granite countertops, Cambria is heat-resistant. It’s not completely heat-proof, though, meaning you should use mats to protect the stone when transferring a pot or pan from the stovetop to the counter.

Scratch and stain-resistant

A key aspect of Cambria’s appeal is its resistance to scratches, marks and stains. Provided you don’t use harsh cleaning products (like bleach) and are careful not to let harmful spills (like red wine and coffee) sit on the counter for long periods, your countertops will remain sparkling for a long time!

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Built tough

Kitchen Worktops That Will Last A Lifetime

If you’re looking for durable and long-lasting worktops to complete your kitchen, look no further than Cambria’s impressive product range.

While many polymer resin and engineered quartz manufacturers offer 10 to 15-year warranties on their countertops, Cambria products come with a 25-year warranty and a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

When you purchase Cambria for your home, it’s clear that you don’t have to decide between beauty and functionality. This elegant material really does stand the test of time, and this is why it’s a staple of so many beautiful and functional kitchens.

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Also Perfect For Bathrooms And Flooring

The use of Cambria quartz is not confined to your kitchen. You’ll be happy to hear that this material is also a popular choice in bathrooms and flooring throughout the house.

In addition to its range of sleek countertops, Cambria offers a strong and hard floor tile suitable for any room of your home.

Because they are non-porous and ultra-hygienic, Cambria tiles are perfect for bathrooms and wetrooms. They make cleaning a breeze- simply wipe the tiles with a gentle cleanser, and your bathroom will be sparkling!

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Clearly, Cambria has a number of benefits. As a material to be used in kitchens, bathrooms and tiling, it’s hard to find fault with. It offers long-lasting strength as well as elegant beauty, and is available in a massive list of different colour options.

If you’re eager to find about more about what Cambria can bring to your home, get in touch using our contact form here.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Cambria worktops are made from pure natural quartz, combined with binders and pigments to produce a non-absorbent material that is harder than granite.

    Quartz is an exceptionally hard mineral, and this is what gives Cambria counters their unparalleled strength and durability.


    A massive range of colours are available for your worktops or tiles, all of which give the same natural effect as other quarried stones like granite and marble. You can select a colour that matches your personal style and fits seamlessly into your home.

    Here are just a few of the most popular Cambria Quartz colours that you can choose from:

    • Brittanicca Gold
    • Blackwood
    • Cardiff Cream
    • Caerphilly Green.

    In short, the answer to this question is no. Unlike other worktops, those made of Cambria are maintenance-free. This makes them popular among busy professionals and anyone looking to minimize time spent on their household chores.

    To keep Cambria quartz sparkling clean, it should be wiped with water and a mild soap regularly. Any spills- particularly of hot drinks, tomato juice or wine- should be wiped with a sponge as soon as possible after they occur to prevent staining.


    In terms of maintenance, strength, and safety, Cambria surfaces certainly surpass other natural stone ones. While technically a natural stone material, Cambria is nonporous and stain-resistant- which granite and marble are not.

    This means that when used in the kitchen, Cambria cannot absorb food or liquid, making it far more hygienic than its porous competitors. When used for floor tile or in the bathroom, Cambria’s superior strength and hardness make it far tougher and more long-lasting than other materials like porcelain and limestone.