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BQS Worktops

Competitively priced worktop materials can be hard to come by. With most large format slabs costing a premium, finding the right surface for your next indoor project is challenging. Thankfully, BQS worktops might be just what you are looking for!

Available in a wide selection of colours and unique designs, BQS quartz can be cut to size to offer you the perfect surface for your kitchen project. Take a look below to see exactly who BQS are and why they might be the best choice for you!

Beltrami Quartz Surfaces

Who Are BQS?

BQS, or Beltrami Quartz Surfaces, are an affordable quartz supplier aiming to offer competitively priced cut quarts suitable for budget-sensitive domestic countertops and commercial kitchen projects.

Their quartz comes in a range of fantastic colours and designs, so finding one that’s right for your needs has never been easier. All the quartz supplied by BQS has been cut to size, offering you great quality at even greater prices!

Benefits Of BQS Quartz Worktops


Porous surfaces can become a real issue. If you accidentally spill a drink on your kitchen worktop and water manages to seep through, it will not only damage the surface – you may also find yourself with a nasty water problem.

With BQS engineered quartz, you’ll be able to rest easy – the natural non-porous design of this surface is a god-send. Wipe away spillages with ease as the water pools on the top of the surface. This also makes quartz an excellent option for use in your bathroom.

Strong & flexible

Although flexibility isn’t something you tend to think of when it comes to large format slabs, it is incredibly important. Not only do you want to be able to cut your quartz to size, but it also needs to be able to withstand large amounts of force.

Quarts is naturally designed to be both strong and flexible, offering you the perfect material for almost any domestic or commercial kitchen project – it’s also suitable to use in the bathroom too. BQS quartz is a great option for a large number of indoor projects!

Easy to clean & maintain

Keeping your worktops clean is important, so it goes without saying that an easier to clean design can be a great feature to look out for.

Thankfully, all of our BQS quartz surfaces are incredibly easy to maintain, which means less time cleaning, so you have more time to focus on what really matters.

Heat resistant

Pots and pans can get extremely hot fairly quickly in the kitchen – damaging your worktop by placing your pan down can be a frustrating fact of life. All of our new worktops are designed to withstand high levels of heat, to make sure your kitchen worktop lasts a lifetime.

If any part of your house requires a heat resistant design, it’s your kitchen. Be sure to check out our range of budget-sensitive domestic worktops if you are looking to upgrade at a reasonable price!

Scratch and stain-resistant

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a large scratch or coffee stain on your brand new worktop. When it comes to preparing food, it can be difficult to not accidentally scratch your worktop, especially when you have a decent set of knives.

BQS engineered quartz is designed to withstand more than a few bumps and scratches from your cutlery set. The same goes for coffee or wine stains, so no matter how often you knock your morning brew over, these worktops will remain scratch and stain-free!

Premium Quartz

Affordable Quartz That Looks Great In Any Kitchen

Finding an affordable surface topper for your kitchen can be fairly difficult. Most leading brands can be pretty expensive, especially when it comes to quartz and marble. Thankfully, BQS quartz is competitively priced and looks amazing in any kitchen project.

Marble Kitchen Tops

Available In A Range Of Colours

BQS engineered quartz comes in various colours and styles, making it an ideal choice to complement almost all interior designs. Whether that’s a unique marble effect or traditional quartz large format slabs, finding the right surface for your worktop has never been easier.

Contact Us To Find Out More

If you are looking for the highest quality quartz for your next indoor project, then we might have the right BQS surfaces for you. Each slab is cut to size, ensuring it is perfectly suited to your worktop and keeping your kitchen looking brand new for years to come.

Our experienced team will gladly guide you through your purchase so that you can find the right style for your next big project.

Get in touch with us either by phone on 01942 244422, or use our website’s handy contact form! Simply leave your name, message, and contact details, and one of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    BQS quartz is designed to offer a budget-sensitive domestic option for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen but is on a strict budget. If you’re worried about spending too much on your new worktop, then BQS are an amazing option!


    Although it is mainly designed for domestic and commercial kitchen projects, BQS engineered quartz can be used in your bathroom. Thanks to its non-porous and durable qualities, it is suitable for a range of different applications.

    If you’re interested in using BQS quartz in your bathroom, get in touch with us today through our contact form!


    One of the biggest advantages of quartz over granite is that quartz is surprisingly tougher. This makes it an ideal material for surface tops where durability is the goal.

    Quartz is also naturally non-porous, so you can wave goodbye to nasty water damage and tough-to-clean stains!


    All BQS products are cut from engineered quartz to offer you a durable surface for your kitchen worktop. BQS quartz comes in a range of colours, and even a marbled effect – so you’ll be sure to find the right surface to compliment your tastes!