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CRL-Quartz Worktops

If you’re looking for a new, high-quality, aesthetic and long-lasting kitchen surface, our range of CRL Quartz Worktops could be a great choice for your home. Quartz is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners who want the high-quality finish of marble or granite without the upkeep that is required for natural stone.

If you’re interested in what benefits CRL quartz surfaces could provide to you and your home, read on to find out more. You can contact us today to order your beautifully engineered quartz surfaces!

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The Product

What Is CRL Quartz?

CRL Quartz is a hard-wearing artificial stone made by CRL Stone, comprised of a combination of 93% quartz with 7% polymers, resins and colour mixtures to make high-quality engineered quartz surfaces for your home and kitchen.

CRL Quartz is one of the fastest-growing choices for modern living due to its durability, large range of colours and the versatile design solution this stone can offer for many homes. The CRL Quartz range comes with a wide selection of colours and finishes, so you can pick the perfect style for your home without compromising on quality.

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The Brand

Why Choose CRL Quartz Stone Worktops?

With more than twenty years of experience in the stone industry, CRL Quartz Stone has developed a comprehensive range of beautiful, engineered quartz surfaces, created to meet the demands of modern living. Hard wearing and easy to care for, CRL Quartz is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom where durability and flexible design are paramount.

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Benefits Of Using CRL Quartz Worktops


Much like other top-quality worktops such as granite, one of the main benefits of choosing CRL Quartz worktops is that they are made of incredibly durable material.

All you need to keep quartz worktops looking good as new is a damp cloth and a mild detergent or soapy water. No routine sealant and no high-maintenance cleaning is required!

Highly Stain Resistant

The manufactured nature of CRL quartz worktops means that, unlike organic stone, they are non-porous. This makes them incredibly resistant to stains, as they won’t absorb liquid or require a sealant, unlike other stone kitchen worktops such as granite and marble.

Extremely Scratch Resistant

Quartz is an incredibly hard and durable stone. In fact, Quartz is ranked 7th on the Mohs Hardness Scale – a scale that is used to measure mineral hardness by ranking their scratch resistance. This means that kitchen worktops made from quartz are highly resistant to scratches but not totally scratchproof.

Aesthetic Appeal

The man-made nature of CRL quartz surfaces means that they can be manipulated during the mixing process to offer a comprehensive range of styles, such as a polished or honed finish and a vast selection of tonal shades.

Bacteria And Mould Prevention

Another benefit of the non-porous nature of CRL Quartz is that your quartz worktop will be naturally resistant to bacteria and mould. The compressed nature of the stone leaves no microscopic holes for bacteria to hide in, so you know when you clean your worktop, you’re effectively eliminating all microorganisms.

Comes With a 25-Year Warranty

For total peace of mind, CRL Stone offer a 25-year warranty on all their quartz worktops. All you need to do is register your surface on their site once purchased in order to activate your warranty!

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How Is CRL Quartz Produced?

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To produce the beautiful CRL Quartz worktops you see on our website or in showrooms, the organic stone is taken through a process involving mixing and compression to create the compressed, aesthetic material used in all Quartz worktops.

  • First, the raw quartz material is inspected by the manufacturers to ensure the quality of the stone.
  • Then, the stone is crushed and blended with polymers, resins, and a colour mixture, depending on the desired finish. CRL Quartz worktops come in many different shades and finishes and can be highly customised.
  • This finished mixture is poured into a mould and then compacted between slabs with a pressure of about 100 tonnes.
  • Finally, the slabs are cured in a kiln to increase CRL Quartz worktops’ strength and stain resistance. All finished materials are quality inspected before being shipped to different suppliers.

Use CRL Stone Instead Of Granite Or Marble – Here’s Why

There are a few key reasons why CRL Quartz could be a better choice for your kitchen worktop than granite or marble:

Wide Range of Shades

Unlike organic stone, you can get a wide range of shades and surface finishes for a flexible design to suit your taste.


It is naturally non-porous, scratch and heat resistant, making it a long-lasting, stain-resistant and low maintenance material.

25 Year Warranty

It comes with a free 25-year warranty.

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The Colours

A Whole World Of Texture And Colour Choices With CRL Quartz Surfaces

CRL Stone is a leading producer in the stone industry and has recently introduced a new 92-page brochure of colours for their surfaces. It includes real-life photography and includes their three brand-new tones: Vesuvius, Staccato and Urban Grey.

With the range of designs offered by CRL Stone, you can find texture and colour choices to suit every aesthetic aspiration: including colours with a polished finish. We can provide a quote for the full range of CRL colours, so be sure to get in touch today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is CLR Quartz Produced?

CLR Stone is located in Rochdale, United Kingdom. They produce their very own quartz surfaces, with their own flair and twist, to bring you the beautiful and resistant CRL Quartz you see in their showrooms.

What exactly is CRL Quartz?

CRL Quartz is a material made by CRL Stone. It is an artificial stone composed of 93% natural quartz and around 7% polymers and resins, as well as different pigments for colouration.

What Can I Use CRL Quartz for?

CRL Quartz is incredibly popular for use in a new kitchen as a worktop surface; however, it can also work really well in a bathroom or even as a fireplace surround!

Is CRL Quartz Expensive?

CRL Quartz is at the top-end of the price range for kitchen worktops; however, it has a guaranteed longevity of 25 years and will even add value to your home should you decide to sell. For this reason, it can be considered to be a great home investment.

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Due to the time we invest in maintaining great relationships with a wide range of suppliers across the UK, we are able to offer the very best services and materials to all of our customers.

If you’re interested in getting a CRL Quartz Worktop in your home, contact us today for bespoke quotes and information!

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