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Caesarstone Worktops

Are you thinking of refurbishing your kitchen or bathroom? Wondering which countertops to go for? Consider a Caesarstone worktop – their quartz surfaces have rapidly gained popularity since their initial company launch in 1987.

Did you know that quartz worktops originated in Israel? While quartz pioneer Paco Cosentino was trying to create quartz by mixing waste marble chips and resin, Caesarstone was already utilising real quartz.

But who are Caesarstone – and are their kitchen and bathroom countertops right for your home? Read along, and you’ll discover all the benefits of their stunning quartz worktops and how they can instantly transform your home.

You’ll even find a handy FAQ section further down to give you even more information about Caesarstone and its products.

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The Brand

Who Are Caesarstone?

Caesarstone are one of the industry-leading brands in quartz worktops, which contain only natural quartz minerals. With incredible attention to detail, Caesarstone worktops combine exceptional beauty with functionality.

Their surfaces are made to incredibly high standards, from the initial choice of materials to the final quality checks. The highly skilled staff at Caesarstone ensure unrivalled quality in all of their quartz products.

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Benefits Of Caesarstone Quartz Worktops

Next, let’s take a look at the advantages that Caesarstone kitchen worktops can offer. Not only are their products beautifully elegant, but they also offer practicality with many benefits. Read on to find out what they are.


Unlike natural stones, each Caesarstone quartz worktop is synthetic, making it nonporous. This means the worktops don’t require sealing as they don’t harbour any bacteria or micro-organisms from spills.

Spectacularly impenetrable, Caesarstone quartz tiles and kitchen countertops are dense, resilient, and are built for longevity.
Unlike natural stones, each Caesarstone quartz worktop is synthetic, making it nonporous. This means the worktops don’t require sealing as they don’t harbour any bacteria or micro-organisms from spills.

Spectacularly impenetrable, Caesarstone quartz tiles and kitchen countertops are dense, resilient, and are built for longevity.


Stronger, harder, and safer than granite, marble, and other natural stone worktops, Caesarstone surfaces are perfect for bathroom and kitchen worktops.


Caesarstone work surfaces are designed to be non-toxic and are resistant to mildew, moisture, and mould, giving you peace of mind during food preparation and meal serving.

Easy to clean

Because Caesarstone work surfaces are non-porous, they’re very easy to clean. All you need to use is a mild detergent or just soap and water to maintain its condition. Don’t use abrasive or harsh cleaners, as these can dull the beautiful quartz surface.

Heat resistant

Caesarstone worktops are heat resistant; however, you’ll need to use a trivet for very hot temperatures. A trivet is usually an iron bracket or tripod used to hold very hot pots and pans. This will help protect your surface and keep it looking newer for longer.

Scratch and stain-resistant

Caesarstone products are resistant to cracks, stains, and scratches, which is why they’re so popular in kitchens in both residential and commercial projects. The cutting edge technology and expert manufacturing processes have been developed since the company’s launch in 1987.

Caesarstone is a proud producer of quartz countertops that can withstand even the most intensive and harshest household use.

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Otehr Uses

Suitable For Bathroom Use

Not only are Caesarstone quartz counters perfect for kitchens, but they’re also ideal for bathroom renovations. This is thanks to their heat and moisture resistance. They’re also straightforward to maintain and come in a full range of textures and colours.

For everyday cleaning, a simple wipe over with soapy water and a cloth is all that’s needed, and its hard, durable nature means it can withstand the hot and humid environment of the bathroom.

The nonporous and nonabsorbent nature of quartz also makes it ideal for high-splash areas such as bathroom walls and shower surrounds. You won’t need to worry about bacteria building up either as the nonporous surface won’t allow mould or mildew to penetrate.

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Transform Your Kitchen With Caesarstone Quartz Surfaces

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The range of Caesarstone colours is almost limitless, which means you’re sure to find the perfect colour and design for your home. Because of its 90% quartz and 10% pigment construction, Caesarstone kitchen counters and other surfaces can be fully customised.

You can also have countertops that mimic natural-looking marble and granite. From jumbo slabs in Bianco drift to Piatra grey and Topus concrete, Caesarstone has the engineered stones for you.

They also offer a residential lifetime warranty which is effective from the date of installation. The warranty applies to the repair or replacement of faulty materials manufactured and installed by Caesarstone.

It’s available for the original owner of a 1-family residence, and you must request the warranty within 30 days of the material failure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Caesarstone worktops made?

Manufacturing starts with a thorough inspection of the chosen raw materials. These are then combined at a ratio of 93% natural quartz with polymer resins and pigments. Their quartz surfaces are manufactured using an automated and rigorously monitored process.

Do Caesarstone kitchen worktops require maintenance?

If you lead an ultra-busy life, you’ll be pleased to learn that Caesarstone surfaces need very little care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. For everyday cleaning, simply use a clean cloth and warm soapy water.

Is Caesarstone better than natural stone surfaces?

Caesarstone surfaces boast better heat resistance than other stone materials such as marble, granite, or limestone. They’re harder, safer, and more durable, too.

Which interior surfaces are suitable for Caesarstone materials?

Because Caesarstone surfaces are so hygienic, they’re perfect for the kitchen and bathroom. However, they can be used virtually anywhere you want, from stairways and wall panels and even flooring. Caesarstone products are customisable, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild.

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