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IQ-Quartz Worktops

Quartz is a hardy and aesthetically pleasing mineral that makes a fantastic worktop surface due to its variation, adaptability and abundance.

As such, it has an extremely low propensity towards water absorption, extremely high acid and alkaline resistance, and its colour and texture can be altered to taste via means of engineering and resins.

With that in mind, here at Melrosa Marble and Granite, we source our premium-quality quartz worktops through several trusted suppliers, and one of our most highly-regarded is IQ-Quartz.

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Premium Quartz

The Company

Who Are IQ-Quartz?

Hailing from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, IQ-Quartz has supplied high-quality quartz slabs and worktops since 2009.

Consisting of a team of experienced and passionate designers, IQ-Quartz is one of a small number of independent, privately-owned wholesalers based within Britain; due to their quality, passion and experience, it is one of our most trusted suppliers of premium-quality stone.

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The Brand

Why Choose IQ Quartz Stone?

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, IQ Quartz by International stone are an importer and wholesale supplier of quality stone slabs. They offer the most diverse range composite quartz colours , with 50 varieties of different quartz slab colours to choose from . Established in 2009 and run by an experienced team who share a passion for stone, they are one of very few independent and privately owned British wholesalers.

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Benefits Of IQ-Quartz Work Surfaces

Wide range of slab choices

IQ-Quartz has a vast range of sleek quartz slabs available, containing 50 different composite colours and textures for customers to choose from.

As such, IQ stone can provide bespoke quartz worktops tailored to your taste and need.


Quartz is a naturally occurring, non-porous mineral.

Combined with the smooth cut and resinous finish implemented by the IQ stone team, your new worktops will have no pockets for water to gather or penetrate.

Thus, customers can expect to receive a durable, adaptable work surface for their home.


Quartz is a mineral consisting of resilient, naturally occurring crystals forged in the heat of the Earth’s mantel. Thus, the stone is both inherently resistant to heat and non-reactive.

As a result, it is unaffected by acidic or alkaline substances such as detergent, vinegar or olive oil (which may damage other types of work surface), and has a high level of water resistance.


Due to the flat, smooth and non-porous consistency, quartz worktops offer an incredibly hygienic worktop.

This is because there are no microscopic pockets within which bacteria can establish.

Easy to clean

Due to quartz inherent resistance to damage and the smooth, non-porous surface delivered by IQ-Quartz, quartz worktops are simple and efficient to disinfect and clean.

Heat resistant

Forged in extreme temperatures, quartz worktops are resistant to heat and thus make an ideal addition to a busy kitchen.

Scratch and stain-resistant

Treated IQ-Quartz is scratch and stain-resistant, though not scratch and stain-proof.

That being said, with the right preventative care, your quartz worktops should remain free of superficial damage throughout their lifetime.

Impressive selection of colours

As discussed above, IQ-Quartz offers a selection of 50 incredible quartz textures and colours for customers to choose from.

Trusted iQ Quartz Supplier
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Trusted Supplier

Why Is IQ-Quartz One Of Our Trusted Suppliers?

IQ-Quartz is one of our most trusted suppliers because of the passion, experience and expertise their services provide.

At Melrosa Marble and Granite, we offer only the highest quality materials, products and finishes, and IQ-Quartz demonstrably echoes that sentiment.

It’s a shared ethos that shines through in the quality of the stone IQ-Quartz provides, consistently reproducing the highest standards for our customers.

Furthermore, we’re delighted to support British business wherever possible, and as IQ-Quartz are based within Sheffield, we find they are a perfect match for our needs.

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Granite Kitchen

The Style

Elegant Quartz Slabs That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Due to its inherent beauty and the gorgeous textures and colouring resins available, if you opt to have composite quartz slabs installed into your kitchen, they will immediately transform its aesthetic, instilling a sense of elegance and style that both you and your guests will revere.

Moreover, with the incredible versatility of the IQ stone selection, your worktops can be tailored to complement your existing decor, seamlessly blending with both rustic and contemporary designs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is IQ-Quartz based?

Since its inception in 2009, IQ-Quartz has been based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England.

Do IQ-Quartz surfaces pick up stubborn stains?

While quartz worktops and, more specifically, IQ-Quartz worktop surfaces are incredibly stain-resistant, they are not stain-proof.

As a result, staining materials such as coffee, red wine or fruit juices that are left upon the surface for extended periods of time can eventually leave a lasting mark on your worktops; this can be hard to remove.

Thus, to remove such stains from your quartz worktops before they establish, we recommend utilising a combination of baking soda and water on a soft cloth to lift the stain gently.

If you find materials have dried and stuck fast onto the surface, a plastic putty knife is an ideal tool for performing sympathetic removal.

Are IQ-Quartz surfaces better than granite worktops in the kitchen?

IQ-Quartz and granite worktops are both incredibly durable and practical work surfaces.

With that in mind, the fact that granite boasts a slightly higher level of resistance to heat than quartz is worthy of note.

However, unlike quartz, granite is a naturally porous and grainy stone, meaning it is more likely to succumb to bacteria and water absorption should the treated surface become damaged.

Thus, due to quartz’s lack of porosity, smooth nature, and aesthetic versatility, we believe IQ-Quartz surfaces are better for the kitchen than granite worktops.

How much maintenance does an IQ-Quartz surface need?

IQ-Quartz requires a minimal amount of maintenance. However, to avoid staining and surface damage, it’s important to employ preventative measures.

For example, ensuring that materials with a propensity to stain don’t sit on the surface long enough to establish is highly advisable.

Additionally, while quartz is resistant to heat, repeated exposure to extreme heat in the form of crock pots or pans can cause heat cracks to develop on the surface. Thus, utilising heat-proof mats is advisable.

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If you’d like to find out more about IQ-Quartz, the worktops available or indeed the service and products we supply at Melrosa Marble and Granite, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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