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Bespoke worktops in Birmingham: Supply & Installation

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Expert Stone Masonry Services in Birmingham

  • Grey quartz worktop

    Luxury Worktops Birmingham

    Dive into our handpicked collection of top-tier granite, marble, and quartz surfaces, each offering their own unique charm. At Melrosa, our collaboration with the UK’s top manufacturers guarantees lasting brilliance and toughness.

  • Kitchen sink

    Worktop Replacement Birmingham

    Don’t want the hassle of a complete kitchen re-do? A simple countertop update can rejuvenate your space. Choose from our expansive selection of granite, marble, and quartz, complemented with modern sinks, faucets, and accessories.

  • Kitchen

    Design Your Room

    Let our expert team help you in selecting everything, from the countertop surface to the sink style – ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.

  • stone staircase

    Birmingham Stoneware & Staircases

    If you want to make a statement, look no further than our stone staircases. We also offer bespoke stone creations like fireplaces, coffee tables, and even unique seating for steam rooms.

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  • The choice of Worktops is really extensive. I thought the price was competitive and no hidden extras were added. The fitters did a great job and we are really pleased with the outcome. Give ’em a go

    Kevin O'Connor
  • This is our Second time using Melrosa for our work tops after moving house.
    Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish, the fitters did an amazing job and had a lot of respect for your property, would highly recommend. Thank you

    Louise Barker
  • We love our worktops! Excellent service and high quality products. The fitters were very friendly, worked hard and paid exceptional attention to detail. Would definitely recommend.

    Joanne Roe
  • Amazing job by Keiran and Connor fitting our quartz worktop just in time for Christmas as promised! Quality and fitting is top class and very friendly/helpful process start to finish! Thank you.

    Olivia Hulton-Palmer
  • We have been to Melrosa Marble and granite several times, excellent customer service and workmanship. We have recently been back for a quote today and have ordered again. Looking forward to the end result in our en-suite which will look great. Highly recommended.

    Pauline Brown
  • Amazing company, from Ian and Martin to Kate in the office to the templater and fitters they have installed a beautiful granite worktops in our Kitchen. Highly recommended! Thanks All.

    Lee Brame
  • Great choice of worktops and good pricing too. Customer service was fantastic. Quick turnaround from template to fitting and the worktop looks great. I would highly recommend.

    Lorenzo Degrassi
  • Had not a clue where to look for Quartz worktops until Howdens delivery driver suggested Melrose,The service we were given I would rate second to none from start to finish and the quality of fitting and product exceptional

    Red Moon
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Multiple colour options
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Marble vs Quartz
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Birmingham's leading stone worktop supplier

Why Choose Us For Your Granite and Quartz Worktops in Birmingham?

For more than half a century, and across three generations, Melrosa has been a beacon of pioneering design, top-tier excellence, and expert know-how. Located in Wigan, our heritage is rooted in unmatched artistry. Harnessing contemporary technology, we craft custom worktops that elevate kitchens and bathrooms into contemporary havens.

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Natural Stone Worktops Birmingham

  • Marble Worktop

    Marble Worktops

    Showcasing natural colours and intricate patterns, our marble worktops in Birmingham not only ensure longevity but are also heat resistant, making them perfect for kitchens.

  • Quartz Kitchen

    Quartz Worktops

    Elevate your interiors with our elegant quartz countertops. They effortlessly blend durability with beauty and are easy to maintain, ensuring a flawless appearance each day.

  • Granite Kitchen

    Granite Worktops

    Want to make a long-term investment? Granite is the answer. Offering greater durability than laminate and wood options, our granite worktops in Birmingham will stand the test of time.

Silestone Material
Melrosa Marble and Granite

What we stand for

Our Values

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Starting with strong family roots, we’ve consistently upheld our core values:

  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Learning
  • Respect

You’ll see these principles reflected in our dedicated staff and the exceptional service we always provide.

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What are the benefits of quartz and granite worktops?

If you spill a drink on a porous surface, the liquid can seep through and potentially damage the surface or leave a nasty stain.

Since our countertops are non-porous, this is a problem of the past. You can easily wipe away any spillages, leaving the surface as good as new. This makes them a great option for both kitchens and bathrooms.

While you might not immediately associate flexibility with stone countertops, it’s actually one of their greatest strengths. It means they can handle large amounts of force and pressure, allowing us to easily cut your countertops to size.

Thanks to the smooth, durable surface, keeping your worktops clean is easy – a quick wipe is all it takes.

All of our worktops are designed to withstand high levels of heat, making them the perfect surface material for your kitchen.

When it comes to preparing food, it can be easy to leave scratches or stains on your surfaces. Because natural stone is incredibly hard-wearing, you won’t have to worry about this.

Our natural stone surfaces are known for their strength and ability to resist weight. So, if you drop any pots or pans while cooking, you don’t have to worry about any dents or chips on the surface.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement, or keep your kitchen as a minimalist sanctuary, we have a full range of colours available for you to choose from.

Some of our countertops come with a 25-year warranty – a testament to our confidence in their quality – so you can sit back and relax with some extra peace of mind.

CRL quartz worktop
Kitchen Worktop

Bespoke quartz worktops in Birmingham

Do you want to add a touch of luxury to your home? Look no further than our bespoke quartz kitchen worktops in Birmingham. Known for their durability and elegance, our quartz countertops are the ideal choice for a sophisticated kitchen in Birmingham. Each quartz kitchen countertop is unique and a testament to our commitment to quality and bespoke design.

Whether you’re renovating your home or designing a new one, our quartz worktops in Birmingham seamlessly integrate luxury and longevity. We tailor each piece to fit the unique dimensions and aesthetic of your space, elevating your kitchen and reflecting your personal style.

When you choose Melrosa, you get more than just a quartz worktop; you’ll bring a fusion of luxury, functionality, and bespoke craftsmanship to your kitchen and everyday life. Reach out today to find your dream quartz worktop in Birmingham.

View our quartz worktops range
Unistone worktop
silestone kitchen faro white

Luxury granite countertops in Birmingham

Elevate your kitchen in Birmingham with the timeless beauty of luxury granite countertops. Our granite worktops in Birmingham are renowned for their durability, beauty and the unique touch they bring to your home. Each slab is carefully selected for its aesthetics and strength, giving you a kitchen that looks magnificent and stands the test of time.

We specialise in crafting bespoke granite worktops in Birmingham, tailored to the specific needs and looks of your space. Our expertise lies in transforming a simple kitchen space into a luxurious haven with our stunning granite countertops. Whether you’re revamping your current space or designing a new one, our team in Birmingham is dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality and style.

With a commitment to excellence in craftsmanship and customer service, it just makes sense to choose Melrosa for your luxury granite countertops in Birmingham.

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Marble vs Quartz
Marble Worktop

Custom-made marble worktops in Birmingham

Discover a world of effortless sophistication with our range of bespoke marble countertops in Birmingham. Known for their natural beauty and timeless appeal, our marble worktops are the perfect addition to any luxury kitchen in Birmingham.

Each marble slab is meticulously chosen for its unique veins and hues, ensuring your kitchen worktop is not only a functional surface but a piece of art. Our expertise in crafting bespoke marble countertops allows us to cater to the specific design requirements of your Birmingham home. Whether it’s a contemporary or classic kitchen, our marble worktops add a touch of luxury and elegance.

We understand the importance of details in luxury kitchens, which is why our team of expert worktop fitters in Birmingham is committed to precision every step of the way. Choose Melrosa for your marble worktops in Birmingham and you’re choosing unparalleled quality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How thick should a kitchen worktop be?

The thickness of a kitchen worktop depends on the type of material you choose and impacts its appearance and durability. When you choose a natural stone, you will have bespoke options.

How much does it cost to replace a kitchen worktop in Birmingham?

The cost of replacing kitchen worktops depends on the type and amount of material you choose. As such, it’s different for each project.

Natural stone materials, such as quartz, granite and marble, can have higher prices. However, as they are long-lasting, it’s an investment that will stand the test of time.

Are quartz worktops heat resistant?

While quartz worktops can handle heat, they’re not as heat-tolerant as granite. Always refrain from placing scorching pots or pans directly on quartz to prevent surface damage. Remember to use protective mats or trivets.

Are granite worktops scratch resistant?

Granite is notably scratch-resistant, but it’s not invincible. To keep its pristine look, avoid using sharp tools like knives directly on the surface and keep up with its maintenance.

How long do quartz and granite worktops last?

Both quartz and granite are durable materials. When maintained well, they can serve you beautifully for 25 years or even longer.

What We Do

We begin by understanding your vision. After a thorough discussion, we draft fully bespoke designs that complement your home.

Our team handpicks only the finest marble and granite, leaving out anything that doesn’t meet our strict standards.

Each project is unique, and we treat it that way. We select premium materials and meticulously shape them to suit the distinct spaces of your home.

The final touch is the polish. Using modern techniques, we make sure your chosen surface shines just right.

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