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How is Granite Made?

24 August 2022

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Granite is an incredibly hard-wearing versatile material that is ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms as worktops, wall and floor coverings and splashbacks. But how is granite made?

Granite; composition

Granite is composed of interlocking mineral crystals (usually feldspar and quartz). Each slab of granite is completely unique – a true one-off – because its mineral composition is different. The white (feldspar), grey (quartz) and black (mica) streaks that you see are those different minerals. That’s why no two granite patterns are the same.

Granite; the mining process

The mining process itself has changed very little over the years. Massive slabs of granite up to 5 feet wide and 9 feet long are blasted and chiselled out of quarries before being taken to a specialised facility for cutting. A diamond-edged saw is then used to slice the granite into slabs that are easier to work with (usually three-quarters of an inch thick). Diamond blades are required because it is the only substance that is hard enough to cut through the granite.

Granite; finishing and shining

To ensure a uniform thickness, different grades of diamond pads are used to buff and polish the slab, starting with a coarse pad and gradually getting finer and finer. A skilled stone mason, aided by computer-aided routers, then takes over to cut the slab to the precise dimensions required by the customer. The edges are then shaped and polished to whatever design the customer has requested. 

Granite; installation

Once the slab is ready to be installed, sink, pipe holes, and induction hob holes will be cut into it. The slab is then moved on-site and glued down to ensure that it doesn’t move once it has been placed in situ. Any final touches, such as additional shaping or polishing, will then be made so that your granite worktop looks immaculate.

Granite worktops

A lot goes into the manufacturing process of the perfect granite worktop. Granite is highly resistant to heat, scratches, water, and mould – elements that you would expect a kitchen or bathroom worktop to encounter on a daily basis. Now you know the complexities of how granite is made, if you need more information on the different types of granite worktops that we have that would enhance your home or business, hit the link below.

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