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The Ultimate Guide to Upstands and Splashbacks: Enhancing Your Kitchen with Style and Functionality

8 May 2024

Marble Splashback

When it comes to giving your kitchen walls a seamless and stylish finish, kitchen upstands and kitchen splashbacks are practical additions that also serve as visual highlights.

Both elements play essential roles in protecting your walls from spills and splatters while cooking. They also add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen design and can be matched to the material you use for your kitchen countertops.

At Melrosa, we’re dedicated to bringing your kitchen dream to life with beautiful natural stone countertops. Let’s dive into what each of these features are, the variety available, their benefits, and some key considerations when choosing the right ones for your kitchen.

What Are Upstands and Splashbacks?

Upstands are relatively narrow strips of material that sit on the kitchen worktop and flush against the wall, creating a barrier between the wall and the counter. Typically about 100-150mm high, upstands provide a neat finish and help conceal any uneven wall surfaces or gaps behind your counters.

Splashbacks, on the other hand, are larger panels that can run the length of the countertop or just behind key areas like the stove or sink. Made from a variety of materials, splashbacks are primarily designed to protect the walls from water splashes and cooking splatters. They can be a major focal point in the kitchen due to their size, range of colours, and available splashback materials.

Different Types of Upstands and Splashbacks

Materials play a big role in the type and style of upstands and splashbacks you might choose:

Toughened Glass

Sleek and modern, glass splashbacks are popular because they can be made in virtually any colour and are easy to clean.

Stainless Steel

Ideal for a professional or industrial look, stainless steel is highly durable and heat resistant.


Offering endless variety in colour, size, and pattern, tiled splashbacks can fit any kitchen style, from classic to contemporary.

Natural Stone

Materials like marble, granite, or quartz can be used for both upstands and splashbacks, providing a seamless transition from your kitchen worktop to your walls.

Acrylic upstands and Laminate upstands

These budget-friendly options can easily mimic the look of more expensive solid surface materials.

Benefits of Upstands and Splashbacks

The benefits of installing upstands and splashbacks go beyond just aesthetics:

  • Protection

They protect your kitchen walls from moisture, stains, and potential damage caused by cooking and cleaning.

  • Easy Maintenance

High-quality materials like glass and stainless steel can be wiped clean easily, while stone provides a durable surface that lasts.

  • Style

With a range of colours and designs, upstands and splashbacks can be a statement piece in your kitchen.

  • Hygiene

These features offer a hygienic solution by protecting against mould and mildew build-up in the kitchen’s most vulnerable areas.

Choosing the Right Upstands and Splashbacks for Your Kitchen

When selecting upstands and splashbacks, consider the following:

Kitchen Style

Make sure they complement the overall style of your kitchen, whether you’re aiming for a modern look or a traditional kitchen.

Material Compatibility

Choose materials that not only match aesthetically but also perform well together. For example, using the same quartz for your countertop and upstand can create a beautifully cohesive look.


Prices vary widely based on the material and size of the splashbacks and upstands. Set a budget that works for you but doesn’t compromise on quality.


Consider the complexity of installation. Professional installation is necessary, especially for materials like glass and stone, to ensure a perfect fit and finish.

Upstands and splashbacks are more than just functional elements of your kitchen; they are integral to the design and protection of your space. By choosing the right style, material, and design, you can enhance both the look and longevity of your kitchen’s walls. Whether you’re undertaking a kitchen renovation or just updating your kitchen, consider these stylish yet practical additions to add a touch of luxury and practicality to your cooking space, tailored to your personal preference.

Elevate Your Kitchen With Melrosa

Upstands and splashbacks aren’t just about protecting your kitchen; they’re about elevating your space into something truly special. With the right choices in style, material, and design, these elements can enhance not only the functionality but also the look and feel of your kitchen.

If you’re considering a kitchen update or a full renovation, think about the seamless integration and sophisticated appearance these additions can bring. Explore our range of luxury natural stone kitchen countertops which can be perfectly finished with your choice of of upstands and splashbacks. Together, they create a cooking space that you can enjoy for years to come. Reach out for your quote today.

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