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Grey Kitchen Inspiration Ideas

13 March 2023

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Let’s face it, when it comes to kitchen inspiration ideas, grey is not the first colour you’d think of. More often than not, instead of grey, it’s tempting to lean towards either end of the black-white spectrum depending on what you want your kitchen to achieve.

Black and white are easy contenders for any kitchen design inspiration, but we’ve noticed that more and more home-improvers are considering the humble grey as a serious contender for their new kitchen aesthetic.

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Why grey for my kitchen, then?

Grey exists within its own beautiful palette of tones that can achieve the exact aesthetic flair that you’re looking for in your kitchen.

Pair or contrast this with other elements, and you’re going to wonder why you ever slept on this flexible kitchen inspiration star.

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Grey Kitchen Inspiration: Shades of grey

When it comes to neutral colours and kitchen inspiration, white is often considered above grey. However, it’s easy to get carried away with white in a kitchen before it becomes too ‘clinical’ and ‘impersonal’, and if you’re thinking of kitchen colour schemes, these are two words that you do not want to be thinking about when you walk in.

Grey, however, is the true neutral colour. Sitting in between black and white, it is the most versatile colour and can show restraint compared to the all-or-nothing approach of dark vs bright.

You have to tread this spectrum carefully, of course. Too many dark grey units in your kitchen gives a ‘heavy’ feel, and you risk making your kitchen feel smaller.

However, layering various tones of grey within one space can really bring extra warmth and a sleek, modern feel to any kitchen.

Two-tone grey kitchen inspiration

If you’re looking to experiment with a grey kitchen colour scheme, why not implement different shades of grey throughout? You could contrast pale grey quartz countertops with a dark grey feature wall.

Not only will this help create a dramatic focal point to catch the eye, it will add spaciousness to the overall feel of the kitchen, providing a timeless look.

Do you have your heart set on a grey kitchen but aren’t sure how to choose between different shades of grey? Try to maintain paler tones throughout the majority of your kitchen whilst reserving your more confident, darker shades of grey for stand-alone kitchen features.

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Grey Kitchen Inspiration: Mixing grey with colour

If you really want to draw the eye of guests and add that ‘wow factor’ to your new kitchen, injecting a flash of colour that goes with grey is a sure fire way to go.

Matching grey with a sharper kitchen colour scheme achieves beautiful contrast and is the perfect backdrop for your personality to shine through.

Make your grey kitchen pop

Contrast a deep green feature wall with a light grey countertop to breathe natural vibrancy into your kitchen.

For an even easier solution, find some of your favourite plants or herbs and place them strategically around the kitchen for eye-catching pops of colour throughout.

Or why not give the spotlight to a central feature of your grey kitchen with a bold splash of colour like a royal purple island or a metallic blue stove?

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Grey Kitchen Inspiration: Using textures

The versatility of grey in your kitchen doesn’t end with colour. Why not try experimenting with various textures throughout your kitchen to provide added depth and character.

A dark grey kitchen may benefit from the smooth, reflective glow that a white quartz countertop can bring. Whereas the rugged feel of dark grey stone or granite countertops – invites volcanic texture and natural dimples to your kitchen design.

Don’t ignore the classics

Exposed brick remains a well-loved design trend in modern homes. Consider smooth, dark grey kitchen cabinets alongside the rugged red and brown of a brick feature wall for the ultimate industrial vibe.

If you want a truly timeless feel to your grey kitchen in both colour and texture, there’s no better choice than wood.

The natural dance of browns in timber flows perfectly with any grey kitchen, and its tactile feel is enough to inspire rustic feelings of simplicity to homeowners whenever they need it.

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So, there you have it. Proof that grey can work with just about anything you throw at it, a near-perfect element to any kitchen design.

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